Pakorn Bearing
Pakorn Bearing is known as a comprehensive bearings distributor who provides the entire products within one-stop in the bearings industry throughout the country for a long period of time. We sell all leading brands such as NSK, NTN, SKF, KOYO, MSB, ASAHI, TIMKEN, ASAHI and much more including our individual products under the brands of PKB and DDI in response to the market demand and consumers with qualified products at a friendly price, pre-order service and build up relationships with customers with integrity and earnest.

From the beginning of the mastermind,
Mr. Pakorn Yuenyongrattanakorn, who underwent several of accumulated experiences of bearings since the age of 16 in 1968.

Until 1982, he started his first company under the brand of
Pakorn Konlakan at the area of Charoenphol subsequent to his enlistment. This may count as a small initiation that grows
progressively at a later time.

  In 1982, due to a quantity of customers along with widening market, Mr. Pakorn decided to move the stores location to Worachak area and renamed it as Pakorn Bearing under management by Mr. Pakorn Yuenyongrattanakorn. The company continued to grow firmly and profitably at the same time until the store seems to be incapable for a number of stocks and an enhanced business.

In 1990, Mr. Pakorn intended to expand his bearings business, which tends to continually progress by moving the store to Suanmali area, the most current center of the bearings industry.

A celebration to a successful trading,
NSK BEARING (Thailand)
in Russia-Poland-Germany,
5th-13th August, 2003
NSK Bearing (Thailand),
an NSK distributor group visited Japan
22ed-27th July, 2006
World leader in motion NSK series HPS
at Siamkonlakan building (Pratumwan),
2ed March, 2002

Pakorn Bearing
  Pakorn Bearing
72/2-3 Thanon Mahajak Watt Thepsirin Pomprab Road,
Bangkok 10100. Telephone : 02-226-2920-4 Fax : 02-225-5455
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