Pakorn Bearing
Pakorn Bearing is known as a comprehensive bearings distributor who provides the entire products within one-stop in the bearings industry throughout the country for a long period of time. We sell all leading brands such as NSK, NTN, SKF, KOYO, MSB, ASAHI, TIMKEN, ASAHI and much more including our individual products under the brands of PKB and DDI in response to the market demand and consumers with qualified products at a friendly price, pre-order service and build up relationships with customers with integrity and earnest. Read more >>



Pakorn Bearing
  Pakorn Bearing
72/2-3 Thanon Mahajak Watt Thepsirin Pomprab Road,
Bangkok 10100. Telephone : 02-226-2920-4 Fax : 02-225-5455
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